Cyber Crime Syndicate Busted in Nakuru

Yesterday, Police Officers in Nakuru County apprehended a group of young men suspected to be involved in Cybercrime.

Operating under the shadows is reason enough to raise antennas of diligent cops. That is exactly what happened yesterday in Nakuru City when hawk-eyed officers in collaboration with members of the public suspected a group of young men who kept to themselves, changing residences and remaining indoors inordinately, a factor that necessitated surveillance on them resulting to their swift arrest.

The two university students, namely Francis Maina Wambui alias Nick and Zellic Alusa, are helping police with investigations. Efforts to trace the third suspect who escaped our dragnet are in top gear.

Recovered from their residences were five laptops, four mobile phones, two Wi-Fi gadgets, three hard drives, 55” TV , a PlayStation, a land sale agreement for a property valued at Ksh 850,000 and assorted simcards.

Investigations reveal that the syndicate is involved in a cybercrime scheme targeting unsuspecting Kenyans living abroad through hacking of credit cards and using the fraud proceeds to purchase bitcoins that are later converted to the local currency.

The case has been referred to Cybercrime Unit at the DCI National Forensic Laboratory for in-depth analysis and investigations.

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