Jurgen Klopp Forced To Hand Over Star’s Favourite Position

Fabio Carvalho gave an interview with Viaplay recently where they asked him about his preferred position. The Liverpool youngster named two – but also mentioned how the Reds don’t use one.

“Either left-hand side or maybe in the middle of the park as a 10,” says Carvalho on where he likes to play. “But we don’t really play with a 10 here.

“As long as I’m playing, that’s all that matters to be fair.”

Carvalho played as a no.10 for Fulham, earning himself a place in the Championship Team of the Season. As well as a move to Liverpool. Harvey Elliott was calling him ‘special’ before he even rocked up on Merseyside.

But on arriving at Anfield, he moved to a team that didn’t have that no.10 role. Liverpool played 4-3-3, with two versatile midfielders and a False 9 in front of them. That position between the lines didn’t exist.

If Wednesday is anything to go by, however, it seems Jurgen Klopp may have changed that.

Fabio Carvalho gets his position back
Klopp changed the system earlier in the season to a 4-4-2 and results improved. He changed it again against Ajax, though, shifting to a diamond system – and Carvalho should love that.

It brings back the no.10 position, with someone able to operate behind two strikers. Roberto Firmino played it in Amsterdam but Carvalho will certainly have his eyes on the role.

Because while Carvalho gets his position back in the team, it’s not necessarily the one he’ll play. Klopp actually brought him on as a striker against Ajax, rather than a no.10. We do expect him to get a game or two in the role, though, before the World Cup comes around.

And maybe that’s what we need to truly see the best of Carvalho. He’s threatened to explode into life this season and has had some great moments. Consistency, though, evades him. Maybe getting a

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